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Home improvement in Toledo, Ohio covers multiple areas of your home such as roofing, flooring, siding, remodels, decks, additions, and so much more. When you’re in need of a roof repair, it’s vital to tackle this issue as soon as possible. Your roof is your first line of defense against harsh weather.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor is imperative. You want experienced expertise and a company you can trust. That’s why your neighbors, friends, and family call CRD Construction for their roofing needs.

Roofing Options

There are a couple of areas of worth considering when discussing roofing options. With multiple variations in materials, roof shapes, and roof pitches, you need a company who understands each element that goes into these unique aspects. Most people are familiar with asphalt roofing, but there are other varieties of roofing material that can give your home a distinctive look and feel. Between shake, tile, slate, and green roofs, you’ve got a lot of choice. And you aren’t limited there.

Here are a few things we can help you with:


Pitched Roofs


Flat Roofs


Modified Roofs


Foam Roofs


Tile Roofs


Shake Roofs


Shingle Roofs


Green Roofs

Greater Toledo Roof Repair

Roof repair is an important aspect of keeping your home comfortable. It not only offers warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer, but protects your home’s structure and frame from elements such as water damage, snow, and ice. Worse yet, without being properly sealed to direct water where it belongs, it can cause damage to your home’s foundation.

If you’re in Perrysburg, Maumee, Bowling Green, or any other areas such as Toledo, roof repair is only a phone call away. When you need more than a simple roof repair, it may be time to look at replacing your roof. If you’ve been searching for Perrysburg contractors, look no further than CRD Construction for an easy solution.

Roofing and Home Remodeling in Toledo, OH

Roofing materials come in varying materials as well as colors. When getting a new roof, consider that a different shade of roof can give your home an entire new look. Maybe you’ve always had a dark roof. Consider changing your roofing tiles with a lighter shade for a modern refresh.

Another way you can change the look of your home is by selecting a unique roofing material. If you’ve always had an asphalt roof, consider shake tiles or green roofs. You can adjust the shape of your roof, by building an addition such as a dormer.

Consider that a different shade of roof can give your home an entire new look.

Whether you have a gabled roof, a gambol roof, a flat roof, a saltbox roof, an A-line roof, or a pyramid roof, we’ve got you covered. No matter the pitch, shape, or style, CRD is your experienced contractor Toledo, Ohio residents count on.

Roofing Materials

Did you know that shake tiles come in both wood and metal? There is a wide range of roofing materials most people aren’t aware of, because so many homes rely on asphalt tiles. Let’s take a quick look at different types of roofing materials Toledo builders use.

You may be familiar with clay tiles as a red tile that’s used on Spanish styled architecture. These can be made of both clay and concrete. Metal and aluminum roofs have become more popular over time, and you’ll often see these on outbuildings. Some tiles are called membranes and are made with vinyl.

Composite Tile

Composite tile is another word for asphalt tiles which come in a variety of shades. Gray, black, and tans are the most popular colors chosen. Some people like the beauty of slate tiles, while another added benefit of this material is that it’s fireproof.

Whether you’re looking for a unique shape, style, or material, there are plenty of options.

Why Choose CRD Construction?

CRD Construction offers expertise with highly trained, qualified employees, top-notch project managers, and more importantly a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We take pride in our work and stellar reputation. Call us today to get started. Have comfort in knowing we do the job right the first time and will always exceed your expectations.

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