Roofing in the Toledo Area

Nov 1, 2020Uncategorized

Are you in the Greater Toledo area? Hi, neighbors. Knowing when to replace your roof can be confusing. Sure, if it looks like it, that seems basic enough, but are there other things you should be watching out for?

Here are things to consider when it comes to roof repair:

Time: Most asphalt roofs last 20-25 years.  When was your roof last updated or when was it put into place? Between the wear and tear of harsh weather elements, and the constant wearing of the sun, your shingles lose their resistance.

Do your shingles look bent or bunched up? To properly protect your home from the elements, your shingles should lay flat. Are they damaged or buckling? It’s time to call a roofing contractor.

How is the shape of your roof?  Is it sagging, or does it appear warped? There could be water damage, molding or moss, along with other issues due to improper seals. When you need a new roof, we’re ready to help. We can have your roof looking great again in no time.

Do you have water streaks or leaks?  Have you noticed leaks in your ceiling? That may be more obvious, but seeing water streaks on your roofing, areas that seem to stand out more than others could be signaling you to a problem spot.

Be sure to call us today for a pressure free quote and let us help you get your roof back in top shape.


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