Fencing Curb Appeal and Other Considerations

Nov 9, 2021Decks, Home Improvement

Have you been thinking about adding a fence to your home? There are a couple things you might want to consider before making your final decision. Here are three areas worth considering when it comes to your fencing options.

  • Curb appeal
  • Height considerations
  • Maintaining your fence

Curb Appeal

It’s become a trendy word over the last decade, thanks to programs like This Old House and HGTV shows. What exactly is curb appeal, and why does it matter? Curb appeal quite simply means that from the street, at a quick glance, your home has an aesthetically pleasing feel. It catches your eye, and the landscaping, color combinations, and other details such as fencing all come together for an overall final picture.

Another thing worth considering is that when selling your home, having good curb appeal means that more people will be inclined to want to see your home, because they’re drawn to it.

With this in mind, fencing options come in multiple variables. Whether you’re looking for wood fencing, vinyl fencing, privacy fencing, or split rail fencing, each choice may add or detract from your home. Is there a common theme? What are the neighbors choosing? Are you trying to keep a similar aesthetic, or are you looking to stand out and do something different?

Height Considerations

When opting to add a new fence to your home, there are different height options such as a four-foot fence or the standard six-foot privacy fence. There are other choices that aren’t quite as popular such as a three-foot or eight-foot fence, though that last one may come down to neighborhood restrictions.

If you’re looking to create a private oasis, then a six-foot privacy fence is a great choice. The other popular height for fencing tends to be a four-foot fence. This is a good height if you’d like to easily be able to see over it. Maybe you want to check out a back window to see beyond your yard…in this case, a shorter fence such as the four-foot height would be ideal.

Do you have dogs, or maybe small children who play out back? Fencing is a great way to keep them close by without worrying they’ll wandering off.

Fence Maintenance

This is an area that can make a big difference when making your final decision on buying a fence. One of the great things about a vinyl fence is the ability to pressure wash it clean quickly and easily. While you can also pressure wash wood, it may take a little more effort.

However, if you prefer a natural look, wood is a great choice. It’s also easy to stain and refresh your fence’s appearance if you want something different. It’s a classic look that uses treated wood. That means that it’s been purposely treated so it’s safe outside.

Do you have trees on your lot or lush landscaping? With this backdrop, wood feels like a natural fit while still being eye pleasing. If you’re in a neighborhood that is more open, with little landscaping and a lot of newer homes, a vinyl fence may be the match you’re looking for.

Knowing what your fence will be used for is the first step in choosing the best option for your home. How will it be used? Is it for a specific purpose?

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