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Toledo Siding Replacement

Today’s siding offers a unique blend of good looks with strong durability. Many choose traditional wood siding and shingles, and while it can look stunning, it comes with more maintenance than some of the newer materials in use such as aluminum and vinyl.

Speaking of shingles, there’s more than one type and often times it comes down to the cost. While you can opt for cedar shingles, if your budget is tight, you may lean towards pine. One of the issues with this is that pine doesn’t hold up as well as cedar when it comes to bugs and rot, and can crack and warp as well. You’ll also need to stain your shingles regularly as this acts as a protective layer. When pricing shingle siding, keep the cost of maintaining it in mind.

There’s another wood-type option that some homeowners consider when trying to keep costs down. Resin, mixed with wood pieces and flakes create a sturdy board, with a price tag friendlier than cedar shingles. But is this engineered wood a compromise worth considering? If it comes down to budget, this is a perfectly acceptable option, though if choosing wood, we’d opt for natural cedar.

Aluminum and vinyl siding have become a popular option as time’s passed, because of the low maintenance involved, as well as the multiple choices when it comes to color and design. Today, you can get siding stamped with the look of wood, while having the strength of aluminum or vinyl siding.

Vinyl has come a long way, and one of the reasons homeowners are enamored with this choice is due to its budget friendly nature. Let’s be honest, residing a home isn’t cheap, so finding a balance between solid quality and price can be a challenge. That’s where vinyl comes in. Vinyl siding has a proven track record and offers a wide array of choice. That’s a boon for those looking at siding options.

Cleaning vinyl, as well as aluminum, is as easy as pressure washing it. It gets high marks for being easy to maintain. Another variable that people tend to like is vinyl’s long-lasting durability. When choosing vinyl siding, you’ll get a good twenty years out of it, and maybe more. There are obviously factors at play, such as climate.

While wood can offer a long lifespan, it comes with proper maintenance. When maintained, it will greatly extend its life. Regardless of what type of siding you opt for, learning how to take care of your siding based on what you choose is well worth your time.

You might see twenty years out of your aluminum siding, but the care for this type of siding can be quite different, as it scratches and can become dented as well. It’s suggested you repaint it, just like you would with wood, but you shouldn’t have to do it quite as often.

When it comes to replacing your siding, the best thing to do is get an estimate, so that the siding company can take a look at other elements that come into play while siding—such as windows, trim, and other details.

Did you know that we can help you replace your siding? We’ve helped your neighbors all over the Greater Toledo, Ohio area, and would love to get you started. If you’d like to speak to somebody, or have questions regarding new siding for your home, we’re here to help you out.

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