Decks: Isn’t it Time to Upgrade Your Outdoors?

Jul 10, 2022Decks

Breathe in the fresh air! Doesn’t it feel amazing to be outside more now that the nicer weather is upon us? I don’t know about you, but with the flowers in bloom, trees blossoming, and grass growing, the urge to cook on the grill, sit on a lounger and read, or share outdoor family get-togethers only gets stronger.

One of the things I don’t look forward to is propping a table or chair in the grass where keeping it level is a challenge. I don’t look forward to my outdoor furniture sitting on a patch of buttercups where the bees are humming near my ankles, and I don’t want the chance of stepping on a patch of hidden poison ivy in bare feet!

That’s one of the best things about having a deck in Toledo. You get to control the space, size, design, and keep your table level, and poison ivy out of your toes!

Increase Your Living Space with a New Deck

Increasing your outdoor living space is one of the best hidden bonuses that a lot of people don’t consider. With it, you’ll find yourself outdoors more, wanting to enjoy a family dinner or a cup of coffee in the fresh air. This is because we sometimes see a deck differently than a grassy-unlevel backyard where the dog or kids run and play.

You can add your own personal flair with things like deck furniture, flower planters over the railings, lighting, or even by choosing to put benched seating into the design. Even better, you’ll get to pick what shades and materials you’d like with all the multiple styles of decking materials.

Want to change it up next season? Swap out the pillows on your deck furniture, and you’ve got a brand-new fresh look without a big expense!

No More Wrestling with Tables and Chairs to Steady Them

Decks make life easier, because you’re not wrangling and constantly having to maneuver the legs of your outdoor table to keep it from wobbling. You’ve got a level surface to walk on while carrying out your glass of wine or dinner plates.

You’ll have no worries about older relatives who may not be as steady on their feet outdoors during junior’s birthday party, since the surface is easy to walk on. We didn’t even mention how amazing a deck looks yet!

It completely changes the look of your home, giving it amazing back yard ‘curb appeal’ and dresses up the environment. A nice deck is always an investment that is sure to get a lot of use.

Let’s be honest, are you more likely to sit on a comfortable patio chair on the deck and read, or stumble out to the middle of the yard, while junior plays and your dog is bouncing around in the grass, looking for that one spot in the yard where all four legs of your chair are even? Yeah, I’d choose the deck in a heartbeat!

What Type or Size Deck Should I Get?

That’s where we come in. We love building decks and can help you design a deck that not only has great appeal, but is family-friendly, and helps you meet your needs. We can explain all your choices such as the different materials that are available, the different shades of those materials, and also explain what’s involved in maintaining a deck, like how to pressure wash it and what cleansers can help.

If you’re in the Greater Toledo, Ohio area, we’d love to work with you. We’ve been helping your neighbors all over neighborhoods like Bowling Green, Perrysburg, and Sylvania. We’re proud of our professional work and service, and our customers love our pristine work. Be sure to give us a call, so we can start the process of talking decks today.


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