Adding an Addition: Is the Investment Worth It?

Jan 5, 2022Construction Company, Home Improvement

Home Addition in Toledo, Maumee, & Perrysburg

According to HGTV and Zillow, among many other sites like USA Today and This Old House, there are some home improvements that offer a better return on investment than others. Ditch the pool idea, because that’s not going to boost your home’s value and may actually detract from it. Instead, consider one of these ideas.

Adding living space along with kitchen improvements are the biggest way to get bang from your buck. Increased living space, whether adding a second level to your home, a home office, a larger master bedroom or a new family room is a priority, especially when we’re spending more and more time at home, in the age of COVID.

One interesting fact is that your home improvement project doesn’t have to be a massive, major improvement to be a win. In fact, according to This Old House, minor kitchen improvements have a better return (87%) than major changes in a kitchen remodel (80%).

Another thing to consider is that an added family room offers a higher return on investment than a home office does—something that you might have overlooked. A home office is a dedicated space for one purpose, where a family room increases living space and can be utilized by everybody and for more purposes.

What about smaller changes? A new garage door or stone veneer gets a big nod from Zillow.

HGTV has a good article that looks at the things you can do in different price ranges to spruce things up or make big changes. That means, no matter your budget, there are ideas for you—though these range in the spectrum of $100 to $1,000 so while you’ll be able to improve your curb appeal or freshen up a carpet, they won’t make the big impact an addition will.

USA Today mentions revamping the kitchen and doing a bathroom remodel, which aesthetically will add value, but will rarely add square footage.

Realtors think in terms of price by square footage, so even doing something like turning an attic into an extra bedroom, extending a deck, or finishing a basement is another way to increase your livable space. puts adding square footage to the top of their list when it comes to investing in your home’s value.

That’s where we come in. When you’re looking to make improvements to your home, whether it’s an addition, remodel, or even aesthetic changes like siding, we’re here to help. One of the things we pride ourselves on is doing a job right, the first time. We’re thrilled so many of your neighbors in the Greater Toledo, Ohio area have trusted us with their home improvements.

Do you live in the Greater Toledo area? Maybe in Waterville, Perrysburg, Sylvania, or Bowling Green? Have you been thinking about making some changes at home, and aren’t sure where to start? Give us a call. We’d be more than happy to discuss your project and help you answer any questions you may have, such as estimates, time frames and more.

Whether it’s a new master bedroom, an extended family room, adding a home office, or other addition, we’re ready to get started. Contact us today, to learn what we can do for you. We also specialize in decks, siding, remodeling for both kitchens and bathrooms, along with so much more. Need roofing, new windows, or maybe a fence? We’re your go-to resource in the Greater Toledo area and look to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Call us today, because CRD Construction is the leading home addition contractor in Toledo, Maumee, & Perrysburg.

It’s time to finally tackle that project you’ve been thinking about—all while increasing the value of your home.


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