What to Know about Roofing Materials and Repairs

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Did you know that roofing comes in multiple forms? There are also signs that help you recognize when it’s time to update or repair your roof. Let’s take a closer look at a few details you may or may not know when it comes to the roof over your head.

While most people are familiar with slate and asphalt tiles, there’s a broad range of choices for housing and commercial properties. Each material has pros and cons. Some are created for severe weather situations, some to help offer extra insulation or help curtail your expenses. Whatever your need, there’s always choice when it comes to maintaining your structure.

Types of roofing material:

  • Slate tiles
  • Wood, shaker tiles
  • Asphalt shingle tiles
  • Clay tiles
  • Metal roofing
  • Solar-styled tiles
  • Stone tiles which overlay steel
  • Concrete tiles
  • Rubber slate tiles

One of the areas of concern when it comes to roofing repairs is knowing the difference between the need to replace your entire roof or whether you should simply patch an existing trouble spot.

The first question to ask yourself is how long has it been since your roof was replaced? Each type of roofing material has an average lifespan. If you’re nearing that range, it makes sense to replace the entire roof due to the wear and tear on your shingles or tiles. If you only replaced it in the last couple of years, and find you’ve got an issue in one defined section, then it’s worth doing a simple repair.

The average lifespan of common roofing materials is as follows:

  • Asphalt shingles last approximately 20 to 30 years
  • Shaker/wood tiles last approximately 30+ years
  • Slate, stone, and metal roofing can last over 50 years

Another area worth considering the environment where you live. If you live in a coastal area, you’re more likely to take on damage from sea salt and harsh elements. In heavy areas of snow and ice, it may take a heavier beating, whereas tropical areas deal with higher temperatures.

Where you live is an important aspect of choosing roofing. Here at CRD Construction LLC, we’re proud to work in the Greater Toledo, Ohio area helping both residents and businesses assess and tackle all their roofing needs.

Did you know we’ve worked with your neighbors in Bowling Green, Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Toledo, and Waterville?

What does a new roof entail?

When you have your roof completely replaced, the previous roofing will be completely removed down to the base level. That means that the tiles will be removed and the underlaid materials and flashing will all come off down to the actual wood decking. Once that’s removed, we’ll then put all new materials in place.

When you have a repair, rather than each part of your roofing being removed, it will be a section of roofing that will be removed and fixed with new material. That means that it will be a lower cost but will be focused on only one spot. For example, perhaps you have a small leak and need to tackle an issue where a windstorm tore off shingles in one area. In that case, it may not be necessary to replace your entire roof.

A good roof inspection will help you understand the amount of damage at hand.

What should I look for? What are signs that it’s time to fix my roof?

Most homeowners choose asphalt shingles. Affordability and ease of maintenance are a large part of that choice. While there are numerous roofing choices, asphalt is single handedly the most common residential roofing material in use.

Here are signs that can indicate it’s time to invest in your roof:

  • Cracked tiles or tiles that curl up around the edges
  • Leaks or sagging from material breakdown
  • Mossy, mildewed sections of your roof
  • Age-related damage – worn down from weather and time
  • You notice bits of shingle dropping onto the ground or into gutters

If you have questions about your roofing, please reach out and contact us. We’d love to help you understand what’s involved in replacing or repairing your roof, and get you started.


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