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Your house is made up of more than just bricks and mortar – When it comes to home remodeling Sylvania, OH for home renovation, you can trust that we will look after your home as well as your family because we at CRD Construction offers the best home remodeling services including: Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Deck Building, Patios, Siding, Window Installation, Roofing, and Flooring.

CRD Construction wants you to be confident in us when you choose us for your home improvement project. We have been renovating and upgrading properties in the Sylvania, Ohio region for a very long time.

We want you to be at ease throughout your home remodeling job, therefore we only use the finest and brightest professionals.

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Our Services in Sylvania, OH:

Kitchen remodeling Sylvania;

Kitchen Remodeling.

CRD Construction is the top general contractor in Sylvania for kitchen remodeling. Homeowners might update their kitchen to increase the value of their property to potential buyers or to give their home the ideal kitchen they’ve always desired. We can handle any kitchen renovation project, from modest adjustments to full remodeling with new additions. CRD Construction’s team of seasoned general contractors has the talent, skills, and understanding to make your kitchen ideas a reality.

The kitchen is one of the most unique rooms in a house, and it has an impact on the entire appearance and feel of the house. A vintage kitchen might seem deficient and impractical. A kitchen remodel may revitalize an aging home. CRD Construction in Sylvania can assist homeowners in getting all they need from a kitchen renovation. We’ve spent years developing and creating the perfect kitchen. To bring your idea to reality, we employ our enthusiasm, high-quality goods, and, most importantly, our knowledge.

Bathroom Remodeling Sylvania;

Bathroom Remodeling.

CRD Construction provides bathroom renovation services that may transform existing bathrooms into something more beautiful, useful, and energy-efficient. Our staff has years of expertise assisting homeowners in designing their perfect bathroom environment. “Stylish” and “luxurious” may not be terms that come to mind when you think of your present bathroom, but CRD Construction can help you alter that.

With our years of expertise, our team can create a bathroom renovation plan that addresses any concerns you may be having with your present bathroom layout. By listening to our customers, we are able to design bathroom spaces that meet their demands while remaining within their budget.

Decks & Patios Sylvania;

Deck Building & Patios.

CRD Construction can assist homeowners who wish to beautify their property by installing a deck or patio. Decks and patios provide people with more opportunities to enjoy their house as well as a space to relax outdoors with friends and family. Because patios and decks are exposed to the weather, it is critical that these features be created by specialists who can build decks that will endure.

Our staff specializes in developing long-lasting decks and patios. We create the greatest outdoor settings for our consumers and only utilize long-lasting materials that operate well. Installing a new deck or remodeling an existing one on your home may boost its value and provide the homeowner with years of outdoor enjoyment.

Siding Installation Sylvania; 

Siding Installation.

In addition to improving the appearance of a home, having CRD Construction install new siding may help homeowners save money. CRD Construction can replace outdated siding with new, high-quality siding with an energy-efficient design. Once completed, this siding will minimize monthly energy expenses and pay for itself in the long term. Siding offers an insulating barrier between interior air and exterior elements, resulting in energy savings. This barrier lowers temperature exchange, using less energy to heat or cool your home. Call CRD Construction for a free quote on how much it would cost to replace your siding.

CRD Construction can restore and update your siding, soffits, and fascia in its entirety. Our siding services include: removing old siding, installing new siding, replacing damaged soffits and fascia, and repainting and resealing.

Window Installation Sylvania; 

Window Installation.

CRD Construction is the top window replacement and installation contractor in Sylvania. Windows are an important feature of a home’s external design. CRD Construction can assist homeowners in improving the appearance and energy efficiency of their house by updating the windows.

Installing new windows is one of the most effective ways for homeowners to increase the energy efficiency of their houses. Upgrading a home’s windows boosts the value of the property, improves the exterior appeal, and makes the windows more practical and easier to use. CRD Construction’s team members are equipped to install and replace any kind of window.

Roofing Sylvania; 


Though it isn’t the most attractive feature of a property, the roof is critical in establishing a home’s exterior appeal and value. CRD Construction in Sylvania may assist homeowners with home improvement projects such as roof renovation.

Roofs perform two fundamental functions in a home. Roofs’ most important function is to protect the house from the weather and moisture-related damage. However, since the roof is also an element of the home’s exterior, it has an impact on a house’s curb appeal. Counts Remodel and Repair, as professional general contractors in Sylvania, can evaluate a roof to ensure it is both functional and visually beautiful.

Flooring Sylvania; 


Though it lies under your feet, excellent flooring is one of your home’s most important aspects. Homeowners who wish to improve the appearance and value of their property may consider replacing the flooring. Replacing old carpets or installing new tiles may give a home a new lease of life. CRD Construction does the necessary prep work to guarantee that the final installation is attractive, spectacular, and long-lasting.

Among our flooring services are: HARDWOOD FLOORING; HARDWOOD REFINISHING; and CARPET.


Your house was constructed up of more than just bricks and mortar. When it comes to home renovation, you can trust that we will look after your home as well as your family.

CRD Construction wants you to be confidence in us when you choose us for your home improvement project. We have been upgrading and updating properties in Sylvania Ohio for a very long time.

We want you to be at ease throughout your home remodeling job, therefore we only use the finest and brightest professionals.


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